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What distinguishes you as a calligrapher?

I am a professional, full time calligrapher.  I spend my days focused on calligraphy projects, honing my skills and expanding my knowledge about the world of calligraphy in both broad edge and pointed pen work.

As someone who has a deep historical interest in calligraphy, I strive to perfect my knowledge about the various scripts and the methods used to create them as they have been passed down throughout history.  While I admire the rise of the recent whimsical style that is showcased on the internet, I also believe that a firm grasp of the correct technical methods of calligraphy is vital to creating a look that is both beautiful and harmonious to the eye.  

I take calligraphy courses annually from various professional calligraphers to continually expand my knowledge and perfect my techniques.  I also teach, attend meetings and present my own work and techniques at the Calligraphy Society of Ottawa.

What type of work do you typically do?

I accept a wide variety of commissions, both large and small.  Some of the work I've done has been wedding invitations, placecards, chalk and mirror work, poems and letters for loved ones and reproduction pieces.  I've also done commissions from larger institutions such as Cordon Bleu, the United States Embassy to Canada and Nordstrom.  My work is limited to your imagination and the laws of physics!

How do I reserve time for my project?

 If we've gone over all the details (content, script, etc), I will send a contract for you to complete.  Once you have signed the contract and sent in your deposit, your space is confirmed.

How far in advance should I reserve space for my project?

In order to avoid rush fees, you need to book at least two weeks before the completion date of your commission (subject to my schedule and the scope of your project).   I have some extremely organized brides who have booked their space over a year in advance!  The best rule of thumb is to book at least a month before you need your items completed.


First of all, Don't Panic! (and always carry a towel*).  I understand completely how life can distract us or last minute things can pop up.  While I am happy to help when I can, often I am booked with other clients.  If I can fit you in, there is a rush fee to work the extra hours needed to get your project completed on time.  

Sometimes, however, I just cannot fit in another commission - blurry eyes from lack of sleep do not make calligraphy any easier!

*Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy reference

How much do you charge for [project]?

I am more than happy to provide a customized quote for your project.  Fill out the form on the Contact page, providing as many details of your vision as possible to give me the best idea of what you're after. 

Can you write my project in just a nice cursive for a decrease in cost?

It's good to be fiscally responsible - I encourage it when considering calligraphy as an option!  However, there really isn't that much difference in the work I do when it comes to 'nice handwriting' and calligraphy.  After all, by it's very definition, calligraphy means handwritten lettering.  I use the same setup method, tools and techniques (such as uniformity of the letters and even spacing) for an informal cursive that I use for more traditional calligraphy.  It's just a slightly different style, but with all the evenness that comes from studying traditional calligraphy techniques.

Do you provide editing and/or spell check services?

Unfortunately I do not, as it's better for my clients if I focus my time on getting the calligraphy for each commission just 'write'. 

What is the difference between scripts and fonts?

Fonts are the typefaces used in computing to describe the different shapes of the letters.  Scripts are the different styles of lettering used in calligraphy (ie Copperplate, Italic, etc).